5 February, 2020

Txell Alarcon photographer

Resume Txell Alarcon:

Portraits, interior and product photography. Also Virtual tours provider, as Google Trusted Photographer. Txell Alarcon photographer, provides professional photography to companies and entrepeneurs in Haarlem, Amsterdam and surroundings. Get in touch!


Since I can remember I have been attracted by the power photography: capture a moment and make it last.

Two years after my graduation I had the chance to open my own trade Photo Studio in Barcelona, focused on providing high quality photography from weddings, fashion and baby portraits to product photography and corporate projects for large companies. Check here my studio work.

Since 2012 I am living and working in Holland with main focus on portraits, interior and product photography. I am also Google Trusted Photographer, I provide Virtual Tours for all sort of companies. My principal clients are different types of businesses (decoration, clothing, restaurants…), interior stylists, kitchen and furniture designers. I am a widely interested and conscientious person who pays attention to detail and loves her profession.

Understand and satisfy my clients is always my goal! Their confidence and acknowledgment have been always the greatest reward.

Let´s talk about your project

Business, interior, product photography, a good portrait… Do you have a project and you need good pictures? Don´t hesistate, contact with me, let´s plan together your stratergy! As an entrepeneur myself, I know how important and exciting it is to follow your dream, running your own business. But I also know how overwhelming can be, there are so many things to do! And let´s be honest, the day has 24 hours for everybody, so pretending to do everything by your own is just not possible! Then the solution is to count with other professionals that helps you giving shape to your ideas, making the things happen! That´s why my goal is to help other entrepeneurs having successful businesses, because help others makes me happy and at the end of the day, that is (for me) the most important.

Businesses / Bedrijfsfotograaf

The truth is that whatever your business is, you need a captivating presence in the online world. One of the quickest ways to stand out from the crowd of competitive websites is through the use of quality pictures. They tell site visitors that you are a quality enterprise.

A professional photographer will know how to create images that deliver the strongest appeal of you, your company and your product. I would love to be your photographer, feel free to send me your request today!

I am also Google Trusted Photographer, check the benefits of having a virtual tour of your business!

Interiors / Interieurfotografie

The importance of good photography in design is basic. Because no matter how good the design is, bad pictures will only produce a sensce of below-standard job. Architectural photography (interiors, exteriors, design elements, etc) is a skilled art and requires specialized knowledge.

Let me create high end images for your portfolio! Beautifull engaging pictures which will attract more clients as well as allowing you to properly show off your work.

Product / Productfotografie

One of the challenges of shopping online is that consumers can’t pick up the product, so they have to trust on visuals. As they won’t be able to fully experience the product, your pictures need to do everything they possibly can to capture the physical benefits and convince buyers that your products are high quality and authentic.

My goal is to provide you the best images for your catalogue, brand and web. Contact with me!

Portraits / Portretten

When presenting yourself and your business in the marketplace through websites, social media or printed materials, your portrait image will often be the first thing that a potential client will see. This image is the first opportunity to catch someones eye, and to help them develop a good first impression about you and the business you represent.

Because first impressions count, let your portraits be done by a professional photographer. Contact me today!

Haarlem, Amsterdam, Spain, travel, profesional photography.








Some of the clients I had the pleasure to work with: Hipshops Haarlem, Weidesign, Jamon Jamon, Id Store, Het pak huis, Gaivota, Dévies cookcompany, De Jager Interieur, IJzersterk interieurontwerp, Minimiks, Choc Studio, Homestede Design Meubels & Interieuradvies, Spa Manda Haarlem, Home Stock Limited Editions, BrandMission, De mooiste muren, Den Haan Rijnsburg, Hollandse huisjes, Economyhub, , Design Taps Martí 1921, F32, Stimuls, Alpaca hug, Lilo Ceramics, House of dots, Timboktoe, Noordzee boardstore, Het groene huis and The Square food & drinks.

Mijn naam is Txell Alarcon, ik ben een Barcelona fotograaf wonen en werken in de regio Haarlem. Welkom op mijn site! Als fotograaf ben ik gespecialiseerd in zakelijk, interieur en productfotografie.
Op zoek naar een professionele fotograaf voor jouw bedrijf, projecten of online winkel? Neem contact met mij op! Fotograaf in Haarlem en Amsterdam
Op zoek naar een fotosessie in Haarlem?
Fotograaf Haarlem gespecialiseerd in interieurfotografie, portret en zakelijke fotografie.
Portretfotograaf Haarlem en Amsterdam.
Zakelijke fotograaf.
Op zoek naar een portretfotograaf, productfotograaf in Haarlem? Uw zoektocht stopt gelukkig hier. Fotograaf Haarlem stelt zich voor. Zoek u een ervaren vakfotograaf in Haarlem? Ik werk in de regio voor ondernemers en particulieren.
Fotograaf Haarlem. Fotograaf Amsterdam.
Evenementen – Portret fotografie – Interieur | Haarlem – Amsterdam
Voor bedrijfsreportages en een zakelijk portret. Sfeerfotografie op de werkvloer en professionele portretten van de medewerkers. Websitefotografie.