6 January, 2019


When presenting yourself and your business in the marketplace through websites, social media or printed materials, your portrait image will often be the first thing that a potential client will see. This image is the first opportunity to catch someone’s eye, and to help them develop a good first impression about you and the business you represent.

As important as it is to have a website of your business, it is equally important to personalize it. Showing professional corporate headshots, business portraits and profile photos will make your brand more trustable to your potential customers.

Because first impressions count, let your portraits be done by a professional photographer. Contact me today!

Showcased clients: Homestock Limited Editions, BrandMission, De Jager Interieur, Homestede, Devies Cookcompany and De mooiste muren.

Interested in another type of photography?

For businesses, interior designers, and real state. Take a look to the great interiors I had the pleasure to photograph, maybe the next showcased is yours? 😉
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