6 January, 2019


One of the challenges of shopping online is that consumers can’t pick up the product, so they have to trust on visuals. As they won’t be able to fully experience the product, your pictures need to do everything they possibly can to capture the physical benefits and convince buyers that your products are high quality and authentic.

There are two main types of product photography: product-only images and in-context or lifestyle photography. Often the ideal way of pressenting a product is the combination of both types of photography in order to create a brand identity. If you want to read more about it, check my article: Tips to prep a product photoshoot for your webshop, to achieve the best results.

My goal is to provide you the best images for your catalogue, brand and web. Let´s speak about your project!

Showcased clients: Lilo Ceramics, House of dots, Homestock Limited Editions, ID Store, Weidesign, BrandMission, Design Taps Martí 1921, F32, Stimuls and Minimiks.

Interested in another type of photography?

For businesses, interior designers, and real state. Take a look to the great interiors I had the pleasure to photograph, maybe the next showcased is yours? 😉
Because showing your portrait will make your brand more trustable to your potential customers.