17 March, 2021


I am Txell Alarcón, a photographer from Barcelona based in Haarlem. My specialization is in portraits, interior and product photography. Being an entrepreneur myself, I really enjoy working with other creative entrepreneurs and together create images which we can proudly smile at.

Providing my costumers with great pictures of their projects, products and their business, so they have a completed and professional look, is something I love to do to contribute to their overall success.

For some of my clients such as  interior stylists, kitchen and furniture designers, it’s crucial to have a good portfolio in order to ensure their business. An image speaks louder than a thousand words, and this is ultimately the thing which will connect the customers with the style of the company they are looking for.

Once the costumer accepts the photoshoot done in their premises, we ask them to remove all their personal items such as: pictures, frames, etc. before the photoshoot day. It´s very imortant that their privacy is respected.

Following up to this, items will be removed and/or rearranged, meeting the client’s wishes and then I proceed to do the photoshoot. Upon completion of the shoot, everything will be put back in place as it was.

Photoshoots might take from 1:30 hour or more, depending on the quantity of spaces to be photographed, the quantity of pictures the client has requested and the styling time, if needed.

Up to 2-3 days after the photoshoot, I will provide you with a contact sheet containing all the best shots done, so you can check them all and select the pictures you like best. After you have provided me with your preferred selection I will edit those and I will send them to you as soon as they are ready (7-10 days). 

*The rate for this type of project is (prices are excl BTW):

€180 per 1 hour photoshoot at location + editing hour including 5 pictures fully edited (color temperature, HDR lighting, sharp + edition for a perfect look). 

Special/hard retouches by request, not included in the initial budget (for example removing an object of the scene, change position of items, remove deffects of the products…). If needed we can speak about it.

The price per extra hour is 95€.
The cost per extra pictures is €25.

Parking and travel expenses not included. Out of Haarlem €0´5 per km.

Please let me know if you have any further questions, as I would be happy to address them.

I look forward to hearing from you and working together in the near future!

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Professional visual material is necessary to be continuously visible on online media. Do your company’s products or services change regularly and is there a need for a reliable photographer who maintains consistency in the footage? With the photography subscription from Txell Alarcón Photography, a constant factor is present in the image strategy for the own website and social media. This subscription already offers the solution for various companies. For a competitive price you will regularly receive new and professional visual material that meets the agreements made in advance. I would like to review the possibilities and the content of the photography subscription with you.

*The rate mentioned, includes the rights for my client to use the images under it´s own business, web, social media… This does not apply to third parties. You can find a short explanation about this here: http://www.dupho.nl/downloads/Dupho_digitaal1.pdf. In some cases, a higher amount is charged for the use of a photo than for the production costs. Let me know how do you want to use the pictures, we can always make an arrangement.